Zoltar BIG Fortune Teller

A scene as remarkable as Tom Hanks and that older guy dancing on the piano keys at FAO Schwartz cannot be planned to come off so well as it did. BIG therefore sits with a handful of other movies that made up our imaginative, still-innocent collective consciousness.

Here are sixteen other moments stamped in our minds from 80s movies, counting down in my biased opinion to the best:

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  • "I'll be back", the Governator.
  • "I do not think that word means what you think it means", and "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die" in Princess Bride.
  • Top Gun never exactly did it for me, but I understand fighter pilots as pretty much the coolest alpha males in the world.
  • Of Charlie Babbit's many memorable quotes "97X, BANG! The future of rock and roll", the image that stands out the most is when the brothers come down the elevator standing side-by-side in new suits.
  • John Candy getting bit on the ass the by bear in The Great Outdoors.
  • The underground cavern in Goonies.
  • Indiana Jones escaping the rolling boulder in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • Die Hard's "Yippee ki yay" and when he pulls the gun off his bare back with wrapping tape, with guns and money and fires flying.
  • Field of Dreams, when Doc walks across the gravel in his cleats to help the choking girl.
  • The Breakfast Club, probably when they're rocking around the library like they all just don't care.
  • "What are you?" "I'm Batman" says Michael Keaton as the new original superhero. The Batman scene to rival that is the Joker lining up the jet with his super-long pistol.
  • Top five starts with the crazy eyes and wild genius of Tom Hulce in Amadeus.
  • E.T. and the sweatshirt club flying through the air.

    Now to the podium :

  • The bronze goes to Ferris Bueller's car-flying adventures, or his sprint back to his home at the end.
  • The silver award is not one scene but six hours of perfect escapist imagination and thrill... Back to the Future. I should not write a page all about these scenes, because it would almost narrate the whole movie.
  • Meaning the winner for number one scene of Hollywood productions in the 1980s to a kid born in 1979 is the never-seen James Earl Jones to Luke. "No. I am your father."